"The Here in There"

2015, .mov,  minutes 16 seconds


"Back in time"

2015, .mov, 2 minutes 16 seconds 

A Past As Present

These experimental video attempt to fuse video and traditional media as one while closely examining the illusive moment in time.  Each work is derived from video clips of river turbulence that are made into two to three-minute, stop-action or time lapse videos.  The videos are edited and also used as referents for video shorts and drawings.  The act of drawing and the videos (made to look like drawings) were used to suggest that each work is a transcription of a past event and more that is has a sense of the immediacy; a moment in time ‘now’.  Some of the works in this group have date and/ortime stamps included as part of the imagery.  Though redundant information, it does set a context for the work as an object referring to another event in time than ‘now’; it is now, it is not now.​

"A Second Ago"

2015, .mov video, 3 minutes 20seconds


​"Drawing Water VII: Now and Then in paradoxical time"

2014, .mov video, 4 minutes 01 seconds