• Estatoe clip, 1 minute looped .mov video
  • About a Minutes, 12"' x 72" graphite on wood.
  • "Rim Lighter", panel 15" x 85" oil on canvas.

Three Times, 2016, Installation, mixed, 8' x 12':

"No Place in Time, Row Gallery, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC.

My work explores the paradoxical fusion that digital technologies impose on the natural perception of time.  Digital video recordings of the tumultuous surface of a white water river are the primary sources of imagery for my videos, drawings, and paintings.  The incessant flow of the river imagery sets the context of these works; a "river of life" while the undulations and swells of the water mark the continuous moments of change in life.  By fusing and juxtaposing digital technologies with nature-al imagery and traditional art media, the paradoxical fusion becomes apparent concepts such as "Here" and "There" or "Now" and "Then" fuse into a constant anticipation of the next moment.