• Estatoe clip, 1 minute looped .mov video
  • About a Minutes, 12"' x 72" graphite on wood.
  • "Rim Lighter", panel 15" x 85" oil on canvas.

Three Times, 2016, Installation, mixed, 8' x 12':

"No Place in Time, Row Gallery, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC.

Using video of the tumultuous rush and swell of a white water river my work explores the paradox digital technologies impose on the natural perception of time and  place.  The undulations of the downstream movement of a white water river is mesmerizing as waves crest, cascade and then rush by as one stands still in one place.  Now, video, time stamp data, and GPS coordinates now make it possible to pinpoint and see any moment occurring in any place. My work begins with a video of the surface flow of a river river site noting the time and GPS data of the moment and place of the video.  The video and data are then integrated into short video productions, paintings and drawings that juxtapose the digital landscape within a traditional view of the watery place in time.